Cat Safe Indoor Plants – Twenty Great Suggestions

Indoor Plant

Ever been perplexed as to why your independent cat eats you house plants? One idea is that they do it to assist with an upset stomach or even to process those pesky hairballs, like they would when eating grass. Another thought is that cats do this to remedy a lack on certain nutritional requirements or even to assist in relieving stress. Irrelevant of the reason, it can be a struggle to keep your indoor plants away from a nimble cat who can climb, jump, and is adamant to nibble on that fresh foliage. Due to this, it is imperative that you find cat safe indoor plants to create a safe environment for them and any other animals you may have. Hopefully the following information will assist in finding a few indoor plants that are safe for cats.

1: Impatiens

Cat Safe indoor plants

Impatiens, or “Touch-Me-Not” are a very popular plant to gift, especially for Valentines and Mother’s Day. These cute flowering plants come in a large variety of patterns and colours and are an easy to find example of cat safe indoor plants for your home. They do enjoy staying damp and in some bright sunlight which will keep them thriving for years to come.

2: African Violet

Cat Safe indoor plants

African violets must be one of the most popular flowering indoor plants, due to their ability to flower in low light conditions and they are safe for cats. Thriving in the same environments as humans, namely average humidity and moderate temperatures. They are also cat safe indoor plants, making them the ideal indoor plants safe for cats. African violets prefer a soil free potting mix, such as peat, wood chips or coco coir and a good quality balanced fertiliser.

3: Baby Tears (Soleirolia Soleirolii)

Soleirolia soleirolii cat safe indoor plant

A wonderful and surprisingly eye catching, fast-growing perennial plant that is the perfect character piece to any terrarium, having wonderful creeping layers of tiny green leaves, Baby Tears also suit small hanging baskets and as a companion plant for your collection of indoor trees. They are perfect ground cover plants and also assist in discouraging your cat from digging in your indoor pot plants.

4: Bromeliad (Guzmania Lingulata)

Bromeliad - Cat Safe Indoor Plants

A stunning cat safe indoor plant, this drought tolerant beauty is one of our favourite animal friendly indoor plants. It will compliment every room and looks stunning in all indoor spaces. The Bromeliad grows gorgeous colourful flowers and long lush leaves. It is a big fan of warm sunlight and can grow up to around 50cm tall, dependant on the variety, choose the size that best suits your space and be confident that your cat will be safe from harm!

5: Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Spider Plant - Cat Safe Indoor Plants

An understated yet charming cat safe indoor plant, the Spider plant looks just as fitting in homes today as it did back in the seventies. Also being called the ribbon or airplane plant, the spider plant is one of the most suitable indoor plants that is safe for cats. Being extremely easy to grow as its tolerance toward a wide range of soil, light and moisture conditions makes its pretty hard to kill.

6: Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula)

Cate Safe indoor plants

A curious plant that could conjure up thoughts of childhood nightmares, but a truly stunning and conversation starting indoor plant to get into your home. The infamous Venus fly trap is a fantastic indoor plants for cats. Perhaps a little creepy, but this is overshadowed by its funky and fun side. Being a carnivorous plant they do use a poisonous substance to capture and digest their prey, thankfully this only a problem for the bugs it devours, and still remains a cat safe indoor plant, and for this reason it remains one of the best a non-toxic indoor plants. Venus fly traps need bright light and are a little fussy, requiring distilled water to remain healthy.

7: Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Palms are always a lovely elegant plant to have in any space, large or small, and the Parlor Palm is a cat same indoor plant! Always a wonderful accent plant to have in your indoor space, growing up to around 60 cm tall, and a great way to describe them, is a mini explosion of greenery. They fill the gap between smaller plants such as the Spider Plant and the larger Bamboo palms making it a versatile choice when building up your pet friendly indoor jungle.

8: Boston Fern (Nephrolepis}

With its bright green ruffled fronds that shake in the breeze, almost as if to purposefully entice your cat to attack and chew on its lush leaves. This plant however is safe for your cat to ingest. A great plant for a hanging basket or standard pot, they enjoy some humidity and love to be placed in a nice bright area with plenty of indirect sunlight.

9: Calathea Zebra (CalatheaZebrina)

Calathea Zebra with its visually pleasing variegated leaves are one of the greatest indoor plant choices you can make. These non toxic house plants tick all the boxes for your indoor space. They are the perfect indoor plants safe for cats, great at purifying air, and lets not forget their stunning and unique look and feel.

10: Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

A very trendy plant, the Chinese money plant, also known as the Pancake or UFO Plant, is another aesthetic indoor plant perfectly safe for cats! This great low light plant is easy to grow and, most importantly, non-toxic for cats. Originating from Scandinavia, these popular plants are now readily available worldwide. They enjoy a sandy soil that drains well, with a little indirect sunlight to keep them happy.

11: American Rubber Plant/Peperomia obtusifolia

Unlike the Indian Rubber plant, the American Rubber plant is non-toxic to cats and literally removes toxins from the air. With a little bright sunlight, regular watering and a large pot, these plants can reach 4-10 feet.

Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra elatior

12: Cast Iron Plant/Aspidistra elatior

The Cast Iron plant is one of the best house plants for cat owners. It needs very little attention and can handle a great deal of neglect. It also adds subtle personality to a room and only requires the occasional wiping down of the leaves. In many ways it is the cat version of the plant world, beautiful, hardy and independent.


13: Orchid/Orchidaceae

Orchids are a full time passion and reward their carers with stunning colours and spectacular growth. If you are passionate about orchids, then rest assured you can add them safely to your list of pet-safe plants. They bloom for weeks in winter and thrive on partial light and root-bound conditions.

Bird’s Nest Fern Asplenium nidus

14: Bird’s Nest Fern/Asplenium nidus

The cute, crimpy leaves of the Bird’s nest fern love sunlight, humidity and water. It looks like a pointy, fancy version of kale, but this plant won’t be toxic to your cat if they take a little nibble.

Staghorn Fern Platycerium bifurcatum

15: Staghorn Fern/Platycerium bifurcatum

Some ferns are toxic to pets while other ferns are safe. So it’s important to check the common name and scientific name before purchasing. The Staghorn Fern is safe for cats and are easy going when it comes to maintenance. They like some sunlight and only need watering every one-to-two weeks.

Ponytail Palm Beaucarnea recurvata

16: Ponytail Palm/Beaucarnea recurvata

The Ponytail Palm lives up to its name with long, alluring leaves. Which is why it’s no surprise that cats find them nearly irresistible to swat, even in passing. Thankfully, these are some of the best non-toxic plants for indoor palm lovers. They thrive in bright light and prefer little water.

Purple Waffle Plant

17: Purple Waffle Plant/Hemigraphis alternata

Don’t like flowering indoor plants? The textured leaves of the Purple Waffle plant offer an all-season splash of colour without flowers. They are great air purifiers and safe for animals, making a great environment for all. Bright indirect sunlight is perfect to maintain the Purple Waffle without bleaching the leaves.

Royal Velvet Plant Gynura aurantiaca

18: Royal Velvet Plant/Gynura aurantiaca

This psychedelic plant brings vibrancy and life to every home and indoor garden. The velvety hairs on the leaves produce and almost iridescent colour and are at their most vibrant in bright light conditions. Despite their psychedelic appearance, they are safe for pets and should only be watered when dry to prevent root rot.

Haworthia Haworthia

19: Haworthia/Haworthia

This succulent is cheap, common and easy to care for – so no need to buy your fake one from a craft or home décor store. Simply place in bright light and water weekly. Unlike the similar looking aloe plant, all plants of the Haworthia genus are safe for cats.

20: Rattlesnake Plant/Calathea lancifolia

Unlike the Snake Plant, the Rattlesnake Plant is safe for cats. With vibrant colours and an unusual texture, this is a unique addition to your indoor garden. With crinkly leaves and low maintenance  needs, it is the perfect plant for those who want an indoor garden but don’t have a lot of time.

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